Background Check Process

Background checks are required prior to any offer of employment. The process for requesting a background check is:

1. After an interview has been conducted, and at least one good reference check has been gathered, email Human Resources with the following:

    • Full name of the potential employee
    • Their email address
    • The position this person is being considered for

2. The potential employee will be sent an email link from Checkr, our vendor.

NOTE: Even if a candidate has worked at the college in the past, Human Resources may still need to run another background check, and cannot offer employment until this has been completed. Always verify next steps with Human Resources before making an offer of employment.

    1. Once results are received the supervisor or student employee will be notified by Human Resources and asked to do the following: 
    1. Respond to the email and provide the start date of the new or rehired employee
    2. Direct the new or rehired employee to call and make an appointment with Human Resources to complete the necessary paperwork as soon as possible. Information about the paperwork will be included in the email from Human Resources.

Application Materials

All adjunct faculty, prior to employment, are required to submit the materials to Human Resources once a background check has been completed, which may include: a Clark College Application form, a Workforce Profile, an I-9 form, a W-4, key agreement form, benefit eligibility form and official transcript(s) of college course work showing completion of all degree(s).